By Jim Montgomery

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“Will The Real Church Please Stand Up?” is a rallying cry for believers to forsake a watered down, powerless Gospel preached today and return to the dynamic, transforming message preached in the book of Acts.  

What made the church great then is available to us today!


"Excerpts From Jim's Book" 

Here are a few excerpts from the book :

"Everything Jesus had available to Him in His ministry of teaching, preaching, and healing is now in the hands of the Church."

"The first believers did not simply preach about Jesus, they did the same works He did!"

"When we are fully yielded to the Holy Spirit, the world will want what we have."

"It's time to awaken from spiritual slumber and boldly contend for the life-changing message Jesus entrusted us to deliver."

"Preaching the Gospel has been replaced by entertainment, pop psychology, motivational speeches and feel good messages."

"A church bound up in religious activity and dead traditions of men will never change our world."

"God is zealous, impassioned, extremely devoted, intensely loyal, and passionately faithful to us!"